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CSOs Lauds PMB, Onu Over Innovations in Nigeria’s Science Sector

The conference of Harmonised Civil Society Organisations in Nigeria has commended President Muhammadu Buhari’s giants strides in science innovation within the last five years.

The CSOs also lauded the ingenuity of the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Ogbonaya Onu in driving the various innovations since the nations return to democracy two decades ago describing it as unequalled.

Addressing journalists at the end of an extra ordinary meeting of tge group on Wednesday in Abuja, the executive director of the organisation, Rev Solomon Semaka explained that a lot of research and innovation have come alive courtesy of the Minister.

“Beyond critical reforms embarked upon by the Minister of Science and Technology, there is unprecedented stability among agencies under the ministry, this is no doubt a precursor to sustainable innovative drive of the current administration”

“President Buhari has given the needed attention to scientific research in various areas, we therefore implore all stakeholders to join hands to compliment governments efforts to take the nations scientific drive to the next level”, the CSOs said.

Further commenting on the ministers giant strides, the director of mobilisation, International Students Federation (ISF) Comrade Tamen Daniel urged the minister of science and technology to maintain the tempo, promising to push for International Students from across various foreign institutions to undergo their industrial training sessions in Nigeria so as to gain from the ongoing transformation drive as well consolidate on the ministers giants strides.

“As a body of International Students, we are obliged to promote scientific research and technology of our country, and this is what we are committed to doing to ensure that our country is recognised on the map of great innovations and inventions”

Also speaking on the sidelines of the occasion with journalists, Dr. Ginika O’Brien who is the patron of the International Students Federation in Egypt said he was impressed by the energy and drive of the Dr. Onu to ensure that science and technology in Nigeria is at par with other nations.

“Scientific research is the first step to economic survival and stability of any nation, without science and technology, a nation can not move at an encouraging pace, but from the energy that is put forward by the minister, it is apparent that sooner than later, Nigeria will begin to reap the fruits of technology just like other advanced nations”

The groups called for more synergy between the ministry of Education, ministry of Communication and Digital Economy and the Ministry of Science and Technology to achieve greater results for the future of the country.

“What Dr Onu has been doing in the last few years is to lay a solid foundation framework that will usher in sustainable development goals in science and technology in the near future; the fruits of the Minister’s driven policies will begin to yield in the near future more than ever before” the groups maintained.

At the end of the Press conference, both groups unanimously passed a resolution to pass a vote of confidence on the Dr Onu for his exceptional approach to policy issues and his excellent relationship with heads of agencies under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Dr Oduma Effiong of the Iowa State Centre for Research and Innovation said, he would ensure that the ministry’s policies and inventions are promoted and published in international Journals so as to attract more international research grants and scholarships to Nigerian students and researchers who are open to pioneering new science and technology inventions.

A vote of confidence was unanimously passed on the honorable Minister by the groups and urged him to maintain the tempo until Nigeria is returned to the map of nations driven by science and technology.

The group promised to present a certificate of “Excellence on Innovation and Inventions” and plaque of “Accountability and Transparency” to Dr Onu at a scheduled date in the near future.

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