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100 Lawyers Move Against Amnesty International; Signs Petition to ICC

Young Lawyers Federation, a coalition of 100 young lawyers has petitioned the country director of Amnesty International (AI), Ms Osai Ojigho and her organisation at the International Criminal Court for what it described as crimes against humanity.

The group in a statement released to journalists after its extraordinary emergency session in Abuja on Monday insisted that the persistent inciting reports against security agencies in Nigeria by AI where skewed to create hostility and violence in the country.

General Secretary of the group E. R Ogwun Esq who signed the statement, particularly noted that AI was responsible for many civil unrests in the country.

“With the truth gradually revealed on all fronts, it is apparent that AI actually sponsored the recent #EndSARS protests and many other violent uprisings in the country which led to the loss of lives and destruction of property worth billions of dollars.

“The twenty eight police personnel killed by mob violence during the #EndSARS protests can not be separated from the incitement of the civil population by amnesty international”.

The group wondered why AI does not discourage killings of security personnel but choose to manipulate reports on the contrary just to tarnish the image of the Nigerian security agencies at every turn of events.

“We have resolved to seek for the organisations country director in Nigeria to be prosecuted for instigating violence and causing loss of lives of security personnel whose families are left distraught.

“The morale of our police personnel for example is low, as reports indicate that many have turned in resignation letters. This is all engineered by Amnesty International with a view to expose Nigerians to a porous security environment, thus making citizens vulnerable to bandits, terrorism and all sorts of crimes”, the statement alleged.

It further averred that AI was acting as though human rights was not universal but selective against security personnel.

“An organisation that enjoys freedom and cooperation of the host country shouldn’t pay the citizens back through hostility and falsehood peddling. Nigerians deserve an investigation into the motive and conspiracies spearheaded by amnesty international for the purpose of discrediting authorities.

“The saddest aspect of this is the violence the organisation sponsors at every turn. We urge the ICC to be diligent and above board as we are ready to provide facts to buttress our position.

“If Osai Ojigho and her organisation is not brought to book, similar products of falsehood will spring up and more lives will be lost at every stage their inciting falsehood prevails”, the group submitted.

It pledged to mobilize one million signatures against Amnesty International to buttress the position of Nigerians who are seeking for justice .

“Nigerians are tired of AI, we are convinced that they do not represent any good interests for us, we are committed to threading the path of law both locally and internationally to call them to other”.

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