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Biafra Customary Govt: CSOs Mocks Agitators, Says IPOB Becoming Theatre of Comedy

The leadership crisis rocking the proscribed IPOB movement has taken a comic and embarrassing turn following the declaration by one Asari Dokubo, an earstwhile militant in the Niger/delta region and four others as members of the defacto Biafra customary government.

There are strong indications that the final expulsion of Nnamdi Kanu as the self acclaimed supreme leader of Biafra and the formation of a structure known as “Biafra customary government” by Dokubo is not unconnected with the allegations of high-handness and embezzlement of IPOB funds Against Kanu.

Addressing journalists in Abuja on sunday in an extraordinary emergency, Dr Richard Oduma Richard, Executive director, Conference of Ethnic Groups in Nigeria threw a jibe at the actors sustaining the IPOB/Biafra narrative.

” With the recent Nnamdi Kanu’s indictments for embezzling IPOB funds by the UK branch and now the total seizure of the Biafra structure from Kanu, it is clear that the IPOB was just a mere commercial franchise established for the sole purpose of deceiving Ibos, extortioning politicians and blackmailing the authorities”

The group further adviced the new leadership of Biafra to take the path of reason and jettison the phantom idea of forming a new government within the nigerian government.

“Nigerians have been made to survive as a country where peace and unity shall reign, nothing should mislead or distort the ideal nigerian dream” Dr Oduma maintained.

” This Biafra customary government narrative is a huge commic relief for all patriots, because it exposes the unseriousness , greed and the sheer unpatriotic nature of some elements”

How can such an inconsistent movement with power drunk and illiterates as leaders have morality to seek self determination?

“We are deeply concerned about the future tendencies by this comic characters to further exploit, mislead Ibos and other citizens for the purpose of financial gratification”

“We urged security agencies to review the report and act accordingly as well in the interest of the country.

” We know it is a joke , we know it a fight between to losers , we know it’s a fight between two greedy traitors, but we are glad the truth is gradually coming out for everyone to see”.

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