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For Nigerians seeking various lifestyle experiences, new about official opening of The Kohinoor Experience Hub in Nigeria, will surely excite.

At media briefing held recently in Lagos to herald the brand, Commercial Head, Mrs. Nkenie James, said The Kohinoor Experience Hub is fully ready to hit the market and public space in the last week of March.

She described the hub as a one-stop center, which hosts a supermarket – Madiba Mart, a restaurant, lounge and bar – Kohinoor Lounge, a pharmacy, a bakery, a fast food place, a farmers’ mart, an ice creams place, a café, a workzone with amazing work stations for lease. The mall has complimenting shortlet apartments, which, as well, hosts on its rooftop the Skyline Lounge, Skyline Spar and Skyline Gym.

“We have over 10 business units. Our Kohinoor Experience Hub would be bringing a huge fascinating go-to-place for all lifestyle desires of her clients. By providing the convenience of shopping at affordable prices that gives one value for money, a place to relax with friends and a workzone that enables networking, amongst other offers, The Kohinoor Mall designed with exciting and tranquil ambience, incorporates the yearnings of all age groups under one roof. As part of our plans, we will be having amazing activations and discounts for customers on opening,” James revealed.

She further added, “in a way to make our services second to none and ensure the continual satisfaction of our customers, we have invested in human capital development and intense trainings for our staff. There are plans in place to continuously update our training and innovate to maintain the greatest of standards. Close relationship with farmers for the farmers’ mart will see us add value to the agribusiness and help local farmers grow and improve.

The company intends to bring in the vibes to the area with a huge difference from what is currently obtained in the industry. To further provide convenience, online shopping is available, where customers can purchase online, and their orders will be delivered to their doorsteps. There will also be two automated teller machines (ATMs) set up outside the mall to serve the residents in the environment.

James reiterated with optimism that the opening of The Kohinoor Experience Hub would not just offer a lifestyle experience to customers but will also boost the nation’s gross domestic products as it will be creating opportunities for locally made products to gain exposure, acceptance and meet the needs of consumers, while The Kohinoor Hub Experience is going to provide a daily lifetime of exciting offers to everyone regardless of the age.

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